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Asian Petchems Profits Could Test Historic Lows In 2018

By John Richardson

THE ASIAN steam cracker business has struggled to pass on higher oil prices as the above chart further underlines. As you can see, high-density polyethylene (LLDPE) injection grade spreads including selected co-products have slipped over the last …

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US Stock Market Decline Highlights Consumer Spending, Income And Debt Risks

By John Richardson

THE SUSTAINABILITY of the US economic recovery rests on the willingness of people who cannot afford to spend money to continue to spend money.

In order to explain what I mean, let’s start with income and wealth …

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Another Layer Of Trumponomics Risk: Equities Versus Real Economy

By John Richardson

THE TOP chart shows that global chemicals industry operating rates fell to just 78.3% in November, even though companies up down the industry’s value chain were building inventory ahead of expected New Year price rises.  This was …

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Please Be Careful Out There

By John Richardson

Quite often, a chart is worth many thousands of words. The above chart, from Bloomberg, shows the divergence between the soaring S&P 500 index and US macro-economic indicators.

The theory is that soaring equity values will be …

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High Frequency Trading dominates as markets crash

by Paul Hodges

The Chemicals and the Economy blog was almost alone at the end of April, when it launched the IeC Downturn Alert. Today, its fear that we are close to a global downturn has become mainstream.

As the …

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Chemicals “Spin” Will Continue

By John Richardson

THE reluctance of sell-side chemicals analysts to downgrade their forecasts should be severely tested by the Federal Reserve’s decision to downgrade its outlook for the US economy.

US GDP growth will now be only 2.7-2.9% in 2011 …

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Beware of the usual smoke and mirrors

Flying the flag for Q3…

Source of picture: etftrends.com

Yes, Q3 earnings season is almost upon us with the usual headline-grabbing improvements in carefully selected reported numbers.

What this season might tell us about the overall direction of everything is, …

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Futures, Recycling Behind China PE Mystery?

Picture: The China Daily

“I’ve given up trying to read the polyolefin market in China. I just can’t figure out what’s going on,” said a senior source with a major North American producer late last week.

“I keep returning to …

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