Chemicals and the Economy

US-China tariffs could lead to global Polyethylene price war
8th July 2018 by

I was interviewed on Friday about the likely impact of President Trump’s trade wars on the glo...

Plastics demand is peaking as circular economy arrives
24th July 2017 by

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.  Similarly, coal is being left in the ...

The world of $100/bbl oil is unlikely to return
2nd February 2015 by

Chemical markets are continuing to signal that the world faces major economic challenges in 2015. ...

Why did nobody else forecast that the oil price would collapse?
1st December 2014 by

Brent oil prices closed at $104.71/bbl on Friday 15 August.  On the following Monday morning, I p...

Shell, Bayer, Tullow to speak at World Aromatics conference
17th October 2013 by

Next month’s World Aromatics and Derivatives Conference in Brussels has a range of top-name sp...

Supply shortages drive olefin market profitability
17th January 2012 by

The above chart would have seemed unbelievable at any time in the past 30 years. It shows the perfor...

‘Peak oil’ a theory, not a statement of fact
22nd September 2011 by

Oil supply is critical to today’s global economy. Now a new book by oil expert Daniel Yergin, ...

A tale of two outlooks – part 2
20th April 2008 by

In an early blog last July, I marvelled at the contrast between the then upbeat nature of financial ...

$100 crude – US manufacturing close to recession
2nd January 2008 by

Oil prices touched $100/bbl today, a new record in nominal and inflation-adjusted terms. At the same...

5 risks to 2008 budgets
21st November 2007 by

The consensus viewpoint is an easy way of keeping up to speed on a variety of issues outside one’s...

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