Can consumers afford the price rises commodities are portending?
9th April 2021 by

Get ready to open your wallets a bit more. Whether you are in the chemical business, the services in...

End result of Biden’s ambitious infrastructure proposal may underwhelm
1st April 2021 by

Reinvestment in infrastructure has finally made it to centre stage of US political discussions, but ...

Immense challenges facing chemical, polymer procurers
12th March 2021 by

Mid-February’s prolonged freeze on the Texas-Louisiana coast has juiced up market commentary as mu...

Great news buried beneath recent vaccine headlines
3rd February 2021 by

With news bubbling up about coronavirus variants, here is a variant message of my own: Look past the...

Three markets to watch amid stimulus efforts
8th January 2021 by

The Democrat Party sweep of the Georgia runoff senatorial elections this week means President-elect ...

3 stimulus possibilities under the Biden administration
22nd December 2020 by

US president-elect Joseph Biden has called the recently passed $900bn second round of coronavirus-re...

Deteriorating playing conditions mandate quick changes of plans
18th November 2020 by

A lot can change in 30 days. Thirty days ago, US President Donald Trump felt confident he was on his...

All roads following US elections should lead to enactment of infrastructure bill
22nd October 2020 by

Finding common ground for US Republicans and Democrats is as difficult as ever during these hyper-pa...

Plastic rubbish: the pandemic is increasing rather than reducing the pressure for change
19th October 2020 by

This is the first of a series of blog posts where I will examine the environmental paradigm shift an...

Good recycling news plants seeds for further advances
9th October 2020 by

This year continues to be a “slog,” a word when said aloud just reeks of 2020. I guess that woul...

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