Study questions long-only strategies in oil markets
21st July 2010 by

As the chart above from Petromatrix shows, total US stocks of crude, gasoline, distillate and jet ke...

European auto sales continue to slip
20th July 2010 by

Chemical companies face a clear risk of a synchronised slowdown in demand in all 3 major Regions dur...

ACS and ISM feature the blog
20th July 2010 by

The latest in the American Chemical Society’s 6 monthly ‘Chemicals and the Economy’...

China’s economy flashes an amber light
19th July 2010 by

China’s chemical demand is clearly starting to slow, as my fellow blogger John Richardson has ...

BASF’s Hambrecht hits at China’s business policies
18th July 2010 by

The business climate for Western firms in China is getting worse. 2 weeks ago, the CEO of General El...

Fed, American Chemistry Council, worry about US economy
17th July 2010 by

The US Federal Reserve and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) have joined the blog in expressing c...

Petchem supply/demand enters the New Normal
15th July 2010 by

The blog’s major series this week has focused on the changes that seem to be taking place in m...

Lower Western gasoline demand helps paraxylene
14th July 2010 by

Paraxylene (PX) has been a great petchem success story over the past 30 years. This 4th post in the ...

Benzene develops security of supply issues
13th July 2010 by

As promised, the 3rd of the blog’s series on the changes underway in the pricing of the major ...

Propylene prices reach parity with ethylene
12th July 2010 by

As promised on Saturday, today’s post looks in more detail at the major change taking place in...

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