China’s credit cuts will send seismic tremors around the world
16th April 2014 by

Monday’s Interesting Quotes post highlighted how China’s leadership clearly recognise ...

“US population is aging: older people tend to consume and spend less”
15th April 2014 by

Its not just the UK that is seeing an earthquake taking place in consumer demand patterns, as the bl...

Interesting Quotes (7)
14th April 2014 by

Every now and then, somebody in a senior position says something that really deserves to be noticed....

US chemicals slip back into Contraction mode as cycle peaks
11th April 2014 by

The above chart from the excellent American Chemistry Council (ACC) weekly report may look a bit baf...

“Unparalleled seismic demographic shifts now underway” in UK
10th April 2014 by

What happens to demand when women stop having lots of babies, and the general population starts livi...

Oil prices vulnerable to China property market fall
9th April 2014 by

Oil futures markets are a wonderful thing, in theory.  They are supposed to enable price discovery,...

Price war looms in US auto market as incentives increase
8th April 2014 by

The blog is awarding itself a pat on the back this morning, as its forecast last month for the US au...

China’s slowdown accelerates as IOUs substitute for credit
7th April 2014 by

The end of Q1 seems a good moment to look back at the position of the benchmark markets in the IeC D...

McDonald’s starts hiring young and old as the ‘demographic cliff’ arrives
4th April 2014 by

Its really not that difficult to work out that much of the world faces a ‘demographic cliff...

Cement Shen’s $563m ‘Peach Blossom Palace’ bankruptcy
3rd April 2014 by

The sight above may become more familiar as China’s new leadership seek to burst the property ...

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