Q2 results highlight continued uncertainty over outlook
31st July 2015 by

The chemical industry continues to be the best leading indicator we have for the global economy. Whi...

US housing sees major change as middle-market is squeezed
30th July 2015 by

US house prices have recovering for 3 years, as the chart from the Wall Street Journal confirms.  I...

Investors worry US ethylene expansions mimic mining downturn
29th July 2015 by

I spent most of last week in New York and Boston, meeting with major investors.  One key topic on a...

China’s collapsing stock market underlines need for New Normal reforms
28th July 2015 by

My latest post for the Financial Times, published on the BeyondBrics blog is below  | Jul 27 15...

BASF warns on outlook; Dow warns on China, ethylene cycle
27th July 2015 by

BASF and Dow Chemical both warned on the outlook when presenting their H1 results last week: BASF CE...

Speculators exit London’s high-price property developments
24th July 2015 by

London house prices are one of the major faultlines in the debt-fuelled Ring of Fire created by cent...

GM says owning a car in a city “is the last thing you should do”
23rd July 2015 by

Something strange is happening in the European auto market, as the above chart from the industry ass...

H1 auto sales fall 2% in Top 7 markets, as BRIJ sales drop 15%
22nd July 2015 by

Hi data for auto sales in world’s top 7 markets is confirming my suggestion last October that ...

Yellen offers hostage to fortune on US growth
21st July 2015 by

Previous chairs of the US Federal Reserve had a poor record when it came to forecasting key events: ...

China electricity consumption growth drops to 1% in H1
20th July 2015 by

Latest data for China’s economy continue to suggest a major slowdown is underway: Rail freight...

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