Brexit a disaster for the UK, Europe and the world
27th June 2016 by

First, the good news.  It has long been recognised that the UK economy is over-dependent on financi...

The Downturn arrives
7th November 2011 by

It is 5 months since the blog launched its IeC Downturn Alert, using prices from 29 April. It wrote ...

Investors prefer JUUGS to PIIGS
5th November 2011 by

Financial markets have become increasingly nervous in recent weeks, since the blog last reviewed dev...

Political, Social concerns drive non-Western companies
2nd November 2011 by

Last week’s New Normal seminar in Houston continued the success of the Singapore and Frankfurt...

EU’s plan to borrow from the poor boosts S&P 500
31st October 2011 by

The brave new world of modern finance continues to amaze the blog. It still has problems with the id...

Groundhog Day again as Quarter 4 starts
10th October 2011 by

The great film comedy Groundhog Day saw Bill Murray doomed to repeat the same day in his life, until...

Critical Success Factors in the New Normal
6th October 2011 by

Yesterday’s Scenarios hopefully provided valuable insight into the challenges ahead for compan...

Scenarios for the transition to the New Normal
5th October 2011 by

The transition to the new Normal is likely to be painful and long-lasting. Future demand growth will...

A 4-point Action Plan for chemical companies
4th October 2011 by

Today’s economic situation is getting worse, not better. The blog believes this is because mos...

US housing starts fall as the BabyBoomers get older
1st October 2011 by

US subprime lending was the starting point for the economic crisis now spreading around the world. T...

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