Time for leadership at EPCA
26th September 2011 by

The chemical industry has a turnover of $3.4trn, and is the world’s 3rd largest industry. It m...

China’s lending continues to tighten
17th September 2011 by

Financial bubbles are like balloons. Only instead of air, they need to be constantly pumped up with ...

Algebra is the new alchemy for central banks
14th September 2011 by

The blog’s Boom, Gloom and the New Normal eBook highlights the impact of the ageing Western ba...

August highlights
1st September 2011 by

Many readers have been taking a well-earned break over the past few weeks. The blog also continues t...

The New Normal World in 2021
30th August 2011 by

All of us would love to be able to see into the future. Chapter 4 of our new free eBook, ‘Boom...

Towards a New Normal, not a new Supercycle
24th August 2011 by

The blog was in a minority of one when it launched its IeC Downturn Alert at the end of April. But t...

Wal-Mart sends a message
17th August 2011 by

The blog is a great believer in the predictive power of the retail sector. Wal-Mart and Tesco were t...

China’s bank lending nears its Minsky Moment
16th August 2011 by

China’s credit bubble is one of the largest the world has ever seen. This is true not only of ...

Greece closer to defaulting on its debt
23rd July 2011 by

Greece is about to become the first developed country to default on its debts since 1964. On Thursda...

Speculators begin to leave crude oil markets
29th June 2011 by

Speculators, assisted by the US Federal Reserve, have driven crude oil prices to unsustainable level...

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