Warsh calls for “better policies” as G-20 meets
10th November 2010 by

US Fed Governor Kevin Warsh is one of the few policymakers to focus on reality rather than wishful t...

US Fed launches its $600bn QE2 Lifeboat
6th November 2010 by

So now its official. This week, the US Federal Reserve confirmed it was launching its ‘QE2 Lif...

European consumers focus on people, not things
27th October 2010 by

As promised, the blog is today looking at a key European consumer trend, as part of its Budget Outlo...

US housing enters the New Normal
26th October 2010 by

This is Budget Outlook week in the blog. And for the rest of the week, it is looking at a key issue ...

Budgeting for Uncertainty
23rd October 2010 by

When elephants fight, those around them need to be cautious. And this is the prospect for 2011-13, a...

USA aims “to inflate the rest of the world”
19th October 2010 by

If you only read one newspaper article this year on the economic outlook, then the blog would recomm...

Shell sees “supply revolution” in natural gas
13th October 2010 by

Natural gas markets, so important in relation to chemical feedstock availability and pricing, are un...

Uncertainty rules in petrochemicals
7th October 2010 by

The blog’s former ICI colleague, Tom Crotty, aptly summarised the mood of most petchem players...

Traders focus on correlations, not fundamentals
29th September 2010 by

Investors on Wall Street are no longer bothering with the boring detail of company performance. That...

Japan leads round of competitive devaluations
25th September 2010 by

The blog remains very concerned that, overall, the economic policies adopted during the current Cris...

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