Oil consumption growth has slowed as prices have stayed high
16th July 2014 by

As promised yesterday, the blog looks today at the impact of today’s high prices on oil consu...

Lower earnings, pensions, hit US consumers
18th October 2011 by

Wall Street analysts have their bonuses to consider at this time of year. So it is no surprise that ...

Critical Success Factors in the New Normal
6th October 2011 by

Yesterday’s Scenarios hopefully provided valuable insight into the challenges ahead for compan...

Scenarios for the transition to the New Normal
5th October 2011 by

The transition to the new Normal is likely to be painful and long-lasting. Future demand growth will...

A 4-point Action Plan for chemical companies
4th October 2011 by

Today’s economic situation is getting worse, not better. The blog believes this is because mos...

Time for leadership at EPCA
26th September 2011 by

The chemical industry has a turnover of $3.4trn, and is the world’s 3rd largest industry. It m...

Low Western pensions will change demand patterns
24th September 2011 by

Next week, the blog publishes Chapter 5 of its ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’ eBook, c...

August highlights
1st September 2011 by

Many readers have been taking a well-earned break over the past few weeks. The blog also continues t...

Oil prices distorted by Wall St’s computer trading
30th July 2011 by

Crude oil and commodities markets have lost touch with the fundamental realities. This didn’t ...

Boom, Gloom and the New Normal
15th May 2011 by

The blog is delighted to announce the title of its new eBook, jointly authored with fellow blogger, ...

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