August highlights
1st September 2008 by

Many readers have been out of the office during August on a well-deserved break. I am therefore high...

The blog’s first birthday
5th July 2008 by

Its now a year since the blog started. Since then, 213 postings have appeared. It is now read in 72 ...

US auto sales collapse in June
3rd July 2008 by

‘Collapse’ is not a word that should be used lightly in business. But there is no other ...

Father Christmas didn’t visit last month
4th June 2008 by

Yesterday’s action in financial markets reminded me of the Bird/Fortune video (noted here in D...

US house prices carry on falling
27th May 2008 by

Every month, it seems, the US housing market gets worse. Spring should have provided some respite, a...

A tale of two outlooks – part 2
20th April 2008 by

In an early blog last July, I marvelled at the contrast between the then upbeat nature of financial ...

US auto sales fall again in Q1
3rd April 2008 by

Car sales are of major importance to the chemical industry. The ACC calculates each new car uses $24...

5 risks to 2008 budgets
21st November 2007 by

The consensus viewpoint is an easy way of keeping up to speed on a variety of issues outside one’s...

Two swallows
6th September 2007 by

This week has seen more downbeat news on US auto and housing sales. Ford said their total August veh...

US auto sales catch subprime fallout
10th August 2007 by

Two of the largest US auto manufacturers, GM and Ford, have now followed Wal-Mart and Tesco’s lead...

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