Interesting Quotes (4)
1st May 2008 by

Back in August, as the credit crisis began, I tried to capture the heart of the issues it raised in ...

‘Largest ever peacetime liquidity crisis’ says Bank of England
26th February 2008 by

Its not often that one gets clear statements from central bankers. Today’s comment from the Bank o...

UK banks follow US lead in tightening credit
13th February 2008 by

The Bank of England’s quarterly survey of corporate credit conditions, published today, shows that...

USA adds $746bn to support housing
21st December 2007 by

Housing, as we know, is an absolutely key market for the chemical industry, both directly and indire...

Beggar my neighbour
19th November 2007 by

English children have a card game called ‘Beggar my Neighbour’, where the aim is to win all the ...

Inflation makes a comeback
29th October 2007 by

Oil prices last week rose to an all-time, inflation-adjusted, high in New York at over $92/bbl. Mean...

4 risks from the credit crisis
26th October 2007 by

The Bank of England correctly predicted in April this year that the risks associated with US subprim...

Northern Rock – subprime contagion spreads
14th September 2007 by

When the US subprime crisis began, we were assured by the ‘experts’ that it was only a small pro...

Stress-testing the global financial system
12th July 2007 by

Yesterday’s “swings in financial derivative prices were so extreme that they implied scenari...

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