Chemicals and the Economy

India’s WTO veto marks end of global trade deals
15th August 2014 by

The Cycle of Deflation has taken another lurch forward.  The reason was India’s decision to v...

China’s housing market enters New Normal as prices slide
11th August 2014 by

Markets appear to be continuing to move, slowly but surely, into their expected ‘scary phase&...

Cotton prices suffer worst crash in 55 years
29th July 2014 by

Just as forecast in March, world cotton prices have crashed. Prices peaked at 97.35c/lb on 24 March...

European policymakers no longer able to ignore deflation
10th June 2014 by

A year ago, European policymakers and central bankers were dismissive when the blog suggested def...

Network effect leaves central banks fighting the real world
9th June 2014 by

The blog first learnt about the network effect in the late 1990s, during the successful launch of th...

Central banks have created a debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
3rd June 2014 by

A new article by an IMF economist makes the point that in April 2008, not a single one of the mainst...

Ageing populations create repayment risk for government bonds
25th April 2014 by

Government bonds in the larger, wealthy countries of the West have traditionally been regarded as be...

China’s credit cuts will send seismic tremors around the world
16th April 2014 by

Monday’s Interesting Quotes post highlighted how China’s leadership clearly recognise ...

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