Dow integrates upstream via Kuwait deal
16th December 2007 by

Dow has been unique amongst the world’s largest petchem companies in not being integrated upstream...

Shenhua shares double on IPO
10th October 2007 by

Coal-to-chemicals just took a further step towards becoming a major source of chemical production on...

Dow warns
26th September 2007 by

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris has spelled out very clearly his concerns about the impact of the US subprime...

To cut, or not to cut?
9th September 2007 by

One of the benefits of writing this blog is that it provides the opportunity to research behind the ...

Rolling thunder and Penn Square Bank
14th August 2007 by

When I worked with ChemConnect in the halcyon days of the dot-com era in 1999-2000, we had a fantast...

ICI and Akzo (2)
8th August 2007 by

It seems from the media comment that Akzo is likely to announce an agreed bid for ICI tomorrow (in o...

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