$60bn opportunity opens up for plastics industry as need to eliminate single-use packaging grows
17th March 2019 by

150 businesses representing over 20% of the global plastic packaging market have now agreed to start...

Ethane price hikes, China tariffs, hit US PE producers as global market weakens
23rd September 2018 by

Sadly, my July forecast that US-China tariffs could lead to a global polyethylene price war seems to...

Plastics demand is peaking as circular economy arrives
24th July 2017 by

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.  Similarly, coal is being left in the ...

Trump policies to impact global supply chains, US stock markets
23rd January 2017 by

Wall Street’s post-election rally suggests that many investors currently have the wrong idea about...

The unseen costs of a Dow-DuPont merger
16th December 2015 by

The unseen costs of the proposed Dow-DuPont merger are certain to be much larger than those we can c...

5 questions for the Dow-DuPont merger
14th December 2015 by

All the evidence suggests that most mergers fail to deliver the promised value.  So those who propo...

Outlook for the global aromatics industry – insights from senior executives at Amsterdam Conference
26th August 2015 by

Aromatics markets often lead petrochemical markets, and provide good insight into economic trends. ...

BASF warns on outlook; Dow warns on China, ethylene cycle
27th July 2015 by

BASF and Dow Chemical both warned on the outlook when presenting their H1 results last week: BASF CE...

Dow’s CEO says “pre-2008 economy was a bubble”
28th July 2014 by

Now its official.  Andrew Liveris, Dow CEO, told CNBC last week that the “pre-2008 economy wa...

A day in the life of an “activist” fund
28th January 2014 by

A prominent “activist” fund in New York has told Dow Chemical to spin off its performa...

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