UK risks “crashing out” of EU after election without trade deal
22nd May 2017 by

Yesterday, senior EU negotiators warned that “the chances of Britain crashing out of the EU wi...

“Business as usual” the least likely outcome for Europe
9th February 2017 by

Europe is heading in to the Great Unknown, as Monday’s post highlighted.  The UK, The Netherl...

Europe heads into the Great Unknown as UK prepares for Brexit; Dutch and French voters go to the polls
6th February 2017 by

Next month sees the start of a process that could change all our lives.  Whether we live in Europe,...

The blog in 2016
30th December 2016 by

2016 saw the Great Reckoning for the failure of stimulus policies begin to impact companies and mark...

Italy’s referendum is next test for Eurozone stability
23rd November 2016 by

Italy was one of the 6 founding members of the European Union (EU) in 1957, along with France, the N...

Europe’s oil product glut halves gasoline margins in 2 weeks
11th July 2016 by

We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus, which began i...

UK’s Brexit referendum is about peace and prosperity
16th May 2016 by

40 years ago, the vast majority of the British people were in favour of joining the European Economi...

Brexit vote will hit UK, Eurozone and global economies
28th March 2016 by

Slowly, but surely, a UK vote to leave the European Union is becoming more likely.  In any referend...

Great Unwinding creates Great Divergence in financial markets
2nd December 2015 by

Most traders prefer to be with the crowd – then, at least, they can’t be personally blam...

Q2 results highlight continued uncertainty over outlook
31st July 2015 by

The chemical industry continues to be the best leading indicator we have for the global economy. Whi...

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