Eurozone manufacturing ‘in recession’
24th September 2008 by

Industrial production is the key indicator for chemical sales. And it appears a significant decline ...

5 key questions about the US bailout
21st September 2008 by

The proposal now before Congress to authorise the spending of $700bn to bail out Wall Street contain...

The global stock market decline
18th September 2008 by

Alan Greenspan’s comments (below), led the blog to investigate how the world’s major sto...

UK’s largest mortgage lender rescued
18th September 2008 by

Another day, another rescue. This time on the other side of the Atlantic. HBOS, the UK’s large...

AIG rescued
17th September 2008 by

‘A disorderly failure of AIG could add to already significant levels of financial market fragi...

The ‘Minsky moment’ unfolds
16th September 2008 by

Pimco, the world’s largest bond fund, have repeated their belief that we are facing a ‘M...

Lehman goes bust, Merrill rescued
15th September 2008 by

The blog has never liked disaster movies, but it was quite a weekend for those who do. First, there ...

OPEC says oil market ‘over-supplied’
10th September 2008 by

This morning, the blog is awarding itself a pat on the back. This is because, almost alone, it forec...

‘A very, very serious global economic slowdown’
2nd September 2008 by

A trend seems to be developing amongst the world’s policy makers. Last month saw China and the...

August highlights
1st September 2008 by

Many readers have been out of the office during August on a well-deserved break. I am therefore high...

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