US, European, auto buyers focus on price
8th February 2011 by

US auto sales disappointed again last month. As the chart shows, January (red square) came in well b...

US auto market enters the New Normal
7th December 2010 by

US auto sales have slowed again. We seem certain to end 2010 at the bottom end of last year’s ...

US auto market remains “very fragile”
5th May 2010 by

US auto sales (black line) in April showed welcome improvement versus 2009, but were still a long wa...

Toyota’s discounts drive US auto sales rise
3rd April 2010 by

The blog is always grateful for good news, no matter the reason. Thus it welcomes March’s rise...

EU auto sales top USA and China in 2009
19th January 2010 by

Almost unnoticed, the EU became the largest regional auto market last year. Thanks to the support of...

US auto sales in 2009 at 1982 level
6th January 2010 by

US auto sales last year at 10.4 million were the worst since 1982. Even this figure was slightly art...

US auto sales enter the “new normal”
4th November 2009 by

The blog is changing its US auto sales chart, now that a year has passed since volumes collapsed las...

Electric cars could change naphtha balances
11th August 2009 by

Last week, Nissan said its new Leaf model had achieved 367 mpg (156 kpl) in city driving. And this w...

US auto sales continue rebound
5th August 2009 by

US auto sales have not yet followed the European lead, and shown an increase versus 2008 levels. And...

US demand bouncing along the bottom
2nd July 2009 by

The good news from the latest reports on US house prices and auto sales was simple – things ha...

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