Automakers face stiff headwinds in big emerging markets
19th January 2020 by

Brazil, Russia, India and China disappoint as manufacturers face investment demands of EVs © Bloomb...

Auto markets set for major disruption as Electric Vehicle sales reach tipping point
21st September 2019 by

Major disruption is starting to occur in the world’s largest manufacturing industry.  Hundred...

Auto sales and the oil price: the Great Unwinding continues
20th July 2016 by

Serious questions need to be asked about the likely level of future demand growth for oil and auto s...

US auto sales head towards price war as subprime loans rise
23rd March 2016 by

The warnings keep coming about the underlying health of the US auto market.  But, as with the subpr...

GM says owning a car in a city “is the last thing you should do”
23rd July 2015 by

Something strange is happening in the European auto market, as the above chart from the industry ass...

Average US auto loan term hits record 68 months in May
4th June 2015 by

May was “another fantastic month for US auto sales”.  Or, it took the industry “o...

Subprime loans drive US auto sales growth
8th October 2014 by

Major problems are developing in the US auto market.   The critical issue is that companies have b...

Russian downturn causes GM, Ford U-turn; EU slows despite discounts
18th September 2014 by

August is a holiday month for Europe’s statisticians.  So we had to wait until yesterday for...

GM focuses on low-cost autos, as European sales remain weak
6th August 2014 by

Low growth and low-cost have become the dominant features of Europe’s auto market. Europe̵...

China auto market to focus on low-cost, not luxury
31st July 2014 by

The key to forecasting China’s auto demand since 2008 has been the level of bank lending, as t...

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