Recession may now be very close
29th August 2011 by

German Chancellor Merkel’s recent comment that “I don’t see anything which signals...

An unmanaged Greek default gets closer
23rd June 2011 by

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair may come to be seen as a critical turning point, when the story of...

Wine price rises parallel those for crude oil
13th January 2011 by

Many of the blog’s readers have been known to sample the occasional glass of wine. So it thoug...

IMF warns on government spending
18th May 2010 by

The global economy and the chemical industry have been boosted, since the Crisis began in 2008, by m...

Markets approach the “drawn-out fundamental downtrend” phase
8th May 2010 by

Sell in May and Go Away” is the oldest rule in stock market investment. This week has certainl...

IMF targets bankers’ FAT
22nd April 2010 by

We are often told that investment bankers are much cleverer than the rest of us. But sometimes, they...

Recovery to be “weak by historical standards” – IMF
1st October 2009 by

The good news is that the IMF thinks that the economy may have stopped getting worse. The bad news i...

World Bank sees deeper recession
23rd June 2009 by

The chemical industry is always a leading indicator of the global economy. One of the blog’s o...

Oil market “bubble” builds, as recession deepens
26th April 2009 by

Stock markets may have rallied over the past month. But the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sees n...

Credit crisis losses head for $4 trillion
9th April 2009 by

To misquote the famous HL Mencken phrase, “nobody ever went broke under-estimating the losses ...

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