Greece introduces capital controls; IMF says it needs to default
29th June 2015 by

This morning, Greece introduced capital controls.  People can only withdraw €60/day ($65) from th...

Germany could face €86bn bill from a Greek default
17th April 2015 by

Who would pay the bill, if Greece defaulted on its current €320bn debt ($340bn)? This is no longe...

IMF says world seeing “a New Reality of lower potential growth”
9th April 2015 by

After 6 years of largely-wasted stimulus efforts, the world’s economic advisory bodies are fin...

Ageing populations create repayment risk for government bonds
25th April 2014 by

Government bonds in the larger, wealthy countries of the West have traditionally been regarded as be...

Budgeting for an L-shaped recovery
20th October 2012 by

As companies finalise Budgets for 2013-15, many will be thinking long and hard about the implication...

IMF warns of lower global growth
9th July 2012 by

Once again, the chemical industry has performed its role as a reliable leading indicator of the glob...

Markets wait for oil price lead
5th March 2012 by

The March IeC Boom/Gloom Index confirms the blog’s sense that markets are sitting on a fence, ...

€489bn avoids Eurozone collapse, for now
27th December 2011 by

A month ago, the former UK Finance Minister, Alastair Darling, warned that the European Central Bank...

Recession may now be very close
29th August 2011 by

German Chancellor Merkel’s recent comment that “I don’t see anything which signals...

An unmanaged Greek default gets closer
23rd June 2011 by

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair may come to be seen as a critical turning point, when the story of...

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