The world has wasted 3 months – there is little time now left to avoid a Covid-19 catastrophe
5th April 2020 by

It is now 3 months since China’s state television broadcast the first news of the Wuhan virus,...

The End of “Business as Usual”
21st April 2019 by

In my interview for Real Vision earlier this month, (where the world’s most successful invest...

Chemical output signals trouble for global economy
4th November 2018 by

A petrochemical plant on the outskirts of Shanghai. Chinese chemical industry production has been ne...

China’s lending bubble is history
27th May 2018 by

As China’s shadow banking is reined in, the impact on the global economy is already clear, as ...

Chemical industry data shows reflation remains hope, not reality
31st July 2017 by

Western central bankers are convinced reflation and economic growth are finally underway as a result...

The global economy’s best leading indicator forecasts a downturn
26th January 2017 by

If you want to know what is happening to the global economy, the chemical industry will provide the ...

Forget the IMF: global chemicals are your guide to future performance
4th November 2016 by

The chemical industry provides a far better guide to the economic outlook than the IMF or any econom...

Oil market rally under threat as Doha meeting fails to agree
18th April 2016 by

Yesterday’s failure of the Doha oil producers meeting will hopefully reintroduce a note of san...

“World faces wave of epic debt defaults” – central bank veteran
25th January 2016 by

Only one central banker spotted the subprime crisis before it occurred – William White.  Now ...

Greece introduces capital controls; IMF says it needs to default
29th June 2015 by

This morning, Greece introduced capital controls.  People can only withdraw €60/day ($65) from th...

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