US margin debt hits record highs, whilst interest rates jump
8th June 2015 by

Everyone knows that the US Federal Reserve will “never” let stock markets fall.  So it ...

European interest rates go negative as Draghi boosts stock markets
17th March 2015 by

Historians will not look kindly on Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank. They will ask wh...

Interest rate outlook more uncertain as Bill Gross leaves PIMCO
3rd October 2014 by

Last week’s departure of Bill Gross from his role as Chief Investment Officer at PIMCO is lik...

Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus creates interest rate risk
10th September 2014 by

Interest rate risk is rising in the developed economies as the Great Unwinding of policymaker stim...

5 years of stimulus have only delayed move to the New Normal
12th March 2014 by

Coincidentally the blog began its 6-monthly review of global financial market performance on 7 March...

US markets see Happy Days again
20th January 2014 by

New Year optimism over the economic outlook is breaking out all over the USA.   Weak employment n...

Most major financial markets have doubled since 2009 lows
7th October 2013 by

The period since March 2009 has been a wonderful time for most investors in the major markets.  As ...

US Federal Reserve cuts growth forecast, again
23rd September 2013 by

5 years after the Crisis began, there still seems to be a worrying lack of accountability in the b...

Higher US interest rates will test housing market strength
18th September 2013 by

The above chart will be familiar to readers of Boom, Gloom and the New Normal.   It shows the way ...

A flap of a butterfly’s wings to freeze the UK economy
28th August 2013 by

The world’s media are increasingly aware that economic growth is being impacted by major de...

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