China’s G20 shutdowns will impact global economy
10th June 2016 by

Imagine your government decided to shutdown most of the industry in two major cities for 2 weeks or ...

US home-ownership returns to 1960’s levels
11th May 2016 by

US home ownership is back at levels seen briefly in the mid-1980s, and before that in the mid-1960s....

Saudi plans to transform Aramco to energy /industrial company
27th April 2016 by

“Within 20 years, we will be an economy that doesn’t depend mainly on oil“. With t...

Auto sales slump in Japan, Brazil and Russia as China slows
17th February 2016 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to reverberate around the world.  One way of measuring this is...

Expect $25 – $30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016
11th January 2016 by

More than $2.3tn was wiped off the value of global stocks last week as China’s slowing economy and...

Q3 results suggest need for new strategies, business models
9th November 2015 by

Global chemical production growth continues to slow from the peak of 3.7% seen in April 2014.  Sept...

China’s car market: triple shock ahead
6th November 2015 by

Auto manufacturers, their suppliers and investors need to prepare themselves for a triple shock from...

The “China Chill” slows global economy and petrochemicals
14th October 2015 by

There were record numbers at last week’s European Petrochemical Association annual meeting in ...

China focuses on mobile internet for domestic growth
9th October 2015 by

China’s President Xi went to Seattle at the start of his recent US visit, to meet the leading ...

China’s PP production rises 25% as it moves into higher-value export markets
9th September 2015 by

Everyone is now beginning to notice the change in economic policy in China.  And concern is rising ...

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