3D printing to move manufacturing closer to the customer
24th October 2014 by

15 years ago, it was fashionable to dismiss eBusiness as a fairy story.  I remember those days wel...

Indian Oil join campaign to build toilets in India
9th October 2014 by

The blog is delighted to be able to congratulate Indian Oil (IOC) on becoming the first company to ...

Turkish plastics markets see imports fall for first time since 2008
7th October 2014 by

Turkey is the blog’s “go-to” market when it wants to confirm trends in global mark...

Polymer markets at risk if China’s ‘collateral trade’ unwinds
1st October 2014 by

Global metal markets are at growing risk from developments in China’s ‘collateral trade&...

China’s $10bn trade deal fraud hits iron ore and copper markets
30th September 2014 by

Iron ore prices on China’s futures market were at 5-year lows yesterday.  Copper prices also...

India’s $10bn polymer opportunity in toilet provision
25th July 2014 by

There is never a shortage of growth opportunities.  But too often companies choose not to access...

UK plans switch to polymer banknotes
14th September 2013 by

The UK plans to join Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Singapore in switching to polymer ba...

Demand growth stalls as stimulus effects prove temporary
2nd September 2013 by

As executives return to their desks this week, they face some difficult judgement calls.  As the c...

Bio-based chemicals take another step forward
22nd August 2012 by

Novozymes, the bio-innovation company, have kindly sent the blog news of their new fungus. They beli...

Russia’s chemical production continues to grow
9th February 2012 by

Russia has been the great exception in regional chemical markets. Normally, production growth starts...

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