Chemicals and the Economy

UK plans switch to polymer banknotes
14th September 2013 by

The UK plans to join Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Singapore in switching to polymer ba...

Demand growth stalls as stimulus effects prove temporary
2nd September 2013 by

As executives return to their desks this week, they face some difficult judgement calls.  As the c...

Bio-based chemicals take another step forward
22nd August 2012 by

Novozymes, the bio-innovation company, have kindly sent the blog news of their new fungus. They beli...

Russia’s chemical production continues to grow
9th February 2012 by

Russia has been the great exception in regional chemical markets. Normally, production growth starts...

Home appliance and furnishings demand declines, as home ownership rates fall
7th December 2011 by

Western banks now demand higher deposits when lending to first time buyers. The Bank of England expe...

Global stock markets slide as demand disappoints
6th June 2011 by

It is now 5 weeks since the IeC Downturn Alert was launched. The chart above therefore updates the b...

Petchem volumes slide in all 3 major regions
30th May 2011 by

Volume is a key driver for chemical company profits. High volume means operating rates increase, red...

Anecdotal evidence
21st April 2011 by

ICIS pricing reports are a treasure trove of information for buyers and sellers. They can also provi...

CEOs face dilemma over their outlook forecast
14th April 2011 by

Chemical companies are about to report excellent results for Q1. Those upstream may well record even...

Asia’s olefin margins weaken vs Europe, USA
22nd February 2011 by

The ICIS weekly margin reports continue to provide essential reading for anyone in the petrochemical...

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