Trump, Xi have 100 days to avert US-China trade war
12th April 2017 by

Last week’s summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Ji...

4.5 million tonnes of new US polyethylene exports on front-line as War of Words hits US-China trade
30th March 2017 by

“There isn’t anybody who knows what is going to happen in the next 12 months. We’ve neve...

Trump’s $1tn infrastructure plan likely dead as focus moves to tax
27th March 2017 by

President Trump’s defeat on healthcare makes it very unlikely that he will be able to push thr...

Industry needs new strategy to spread benefits of globalisation
25th November 2016 by

The Brexit vote, and Donald Trump’s election, confirm that we are in a New Normal world.  In ...

Hope is not a strategy
30th September 2016 by

Chemical companies face difficult times if they cling to the hope that current challenges will simpl...

US polypropylene imports rise as China aims for self-sufficiency
6th July 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets, as I note in a new analysis for ICIS Chemical ...

China’s G20 shutdowns will impact global economy
10th June 2016 by

Imagine your government decided to shutdown most of the industry in two major cities for 2 weeks or ...

Clouds gather over global polymer markets as China imports drop
1st June 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets.  It would be bad enough that downstream users...

China power demand surge ends as Old Normal economy slows
24th February 2016 by

The decline in China’s electricity consumption growth highlights the remarkable slowdown under...

Europe can win despite age trends
2nd June 2015 by

We all know that Europe has an ageing population.  Germany and Italy, for example, have median ages...

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