Rising interest rates, volatile exchange rates, high oil prices and plastic waste challenge aromatics industry
18th October 2018 by

Fears are rising about the risks of recession, as I discuss in a new one-page summary of the key iss...

China’s increase in chemicals self-sufficiency will hit US shale gas expansions
11th May 2017 by

Some years ago, when China was well on the way to becoming the world’s largest importer of che...

China becomes net PTA exporter, whilst cotton prices tumble
24th August 2016 by

China used to be the world’s largest importer of PTA (the raw material for polyester). But not...

Global cotton markets wait for outcome of China auctions
13th May 2016 by

China’s long-promised cotton auctions have begun this week.  Their outcome will tell us a lot...

China’s cotton auction key pointer for global economy outlook
1st April 2016 by

Cotton markets are poised for another testing month in April.  The outcome will also have potential...

China’s PTA market moves to self-sufficiency and exports
4th March 2016 by

Credit conditions are tightening day by day in China.  Companies with good payment records over man...

Further chaos ahead for cotton and polyester markets as China aims to release its cotton stocks
22nd January 2016 by

Cotton has been on a roller-coaster ride over the past decade – to record high prices and then...

Outlook for the global aromatics industry – insights from senior executives at Amsterdam Conference
26th August 2015 by

Aromatics markets often lead petrochemical markets, and provide good insight into economic trends. ...

Falling cotton/polyester prices create ‘deflation shock’ for consumers
22nd January 2015 by

Cotton prices appear to be collapsing again due to the surpluses created by central bank stimulus p...

China becomes major PVC, PTA exporter for first time in history
28th October 2014 by

Be very careful what you wish for.  That is the key message coming out of close analysis of China&#...

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