Cotton prices suffer worst crash in 55 years
29th July 2014 by

Just as forecast in March, world cotton prices have crashed. Prices peaked at 97.35c/lb on 24 March...

China’s PTA, PVC exports jump as it moves to preserve jobs
26th May 2014 by

To assume, as they say is “to make an ass out of u and me”.  That was certainly the cas...

Cotton prices slip as US supply rises and China’s imports fall
21st March 2014 by

It seems that cotton prices are about to return to normal levels again.  The blog’s detailed...

Cotton reserves equal 3 pairs of jeans for every person in the world
19th September 2013 by

Cotton will be one of the main case studies used by future historians to highlight the failure of p...

Prices rise whilst demand falls
13th August 2012 by

The blog is extremely concerned about recent market developments. Nobody minds higher prices, if the...

Computers push oil prices higher, again
6th August 2012 by

Trading volumes in financial markets are very low these days. Many ordinary investors are on holiday...

Financial markets hope for more policy ‘lunacy’
30th July 2012 by

The last few days have seen financial markets rallying, whilst the news from the real economy gets w...

‘Waiting for Bernanke’ is hottest show on Wall Street
23rd July 2012 by

‘Waiting for Godot’, the great play by Irish writer and Nobel Literature Prizewinner, Sa...

A is for Agility in today’s VUCA world
16th July 2012 by

Pity the poor purchasing manager, who: • Must keep inventories low as end-user demand remains slow...

IMF warns of lower global growth
9th July 2012 by

Once again, the chemical industry has performed its role as a reliable leading indicator of the glob...

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