Chart of the Year – CAPE Index signals negative S&P 500 returns to 2030
20th December 2020 by

Each year, it seems there is only one candidate for Chart of the Year. And 2020 is no exception. It ...

Trump policies to impact global supply chains, US stock markets
23rd January 2017 by

Wall Street’s post-election rally suggests that many investors currently have the wrong idea about...

S&P 500 volatility close to 43-year lows as uncertainty rises
2nd November 2016 by

Something very strange is happening in US stock markets, as the above chart highlights:   It sho...

US pensioners pay the price for Fed’s monetary policy failure
19th August 2016 by

There was one bit of good news this week.  For the first time since the financial crisis began, a G...

Boom/Gloom Index suggests volatile August may lie ahead
3rd August 2016 by

It may be an idea to keep your smartphone charged and within reach, if you are planning a trip to th...

Global stock markets weaken as Great Unwinding of stimulus continues
14th March 2016 by

It is 7 years since global stock markets bottomed after the 2008 financial crash.  But as my regula...

Common sense continues to elude central banks as they battle demographic cliff
1st February 2016 by

Central banks are in a losing battle, as they try to reverse the inevitable slowdown created by the ...

Financial markets feel impact of the Great Unwinding
8th January 2016 by

Its not been a great start to the year for those who have trusted in conventional wisdom: Western st...

Great Unwinding creates Great Divergence in financial markets
2nd December 2015 by

Most traders prefer to be with the crowd – then, at least, they can’t be personally blam...

Phase 2 of the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus begins
13th July 2015 by

Greece, Iran, China – suddenly real world issues are starting to dominate the headlines.  And...

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