IEA warns on economic downturn, lower oil demand
5th July 2009 by

Crude oil markets have risen 60% in recent months, as traders speculate on a quick V-shaped economic...

Gasoline markets slip, financial markets stumble
23rd June 2009 by

Yesterday’s financial market action was very revealing. As Olivier Jakob of Petromatrix percep...

US unemployment hits 9.4%
8th June 2009 by

The US unemployment rate is now at its second highest level since records began in 1948. It was only...

US Fed supports Wall Street earnings, ignores corporate sector risks
10th May 2009 by

In July 2007, the US Federal Reserve warned that “credit concerns were spreading” and es...

EU sees 11% jobless; US banks raise interest rates
5th May 2009 by

The European Commission has again reduced its growth forecast for the EU. It now sees a 4% decline i...

US housing starts stabilise
18th April 2009 by

As the blog had hoped, US housing starts have stabilised in recent weeks. As the chart from Wall Str...

US auto sales start to bottom
4th April 2009 by

The blog may be over-optimistic, but as with US house markets, it is hopeful that US auto market may...

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