Oil prices start to reconnect with coal and gas
21st June 2020 by

Oil prices are finally starting to reconnect with other fossil fuel prices, as the chart shows.  It...

12 million missing workers highlight US GDP slowdown
8th August 2016 by

Employment income is critical for most Americans and for the US economy.  The above chart shows how...

13m missing American workers highlight economic slowdown
8th June 2016 by

There’s something very wrong with the US jobs market, as the slide above confirms.  Commentat...

UK’s ageing population causes earnings to decline
20th November 2015 by

The UK economy appears to be recovering well from the financial crisis.  But appearances can be dec...

US jobs growth fails to keep pace with population growth
13th May 2015 by

The US population reached 320m this year, an 11.35m increase versus 2010, according to the US Census...

US jobs growth stalls as shale gas bubble ends
7th April 2015 by

Apparently Friday’s US jobs numbers disappointed the experts.  The consensus forecast was tha...

Oil price collapse will likely end recovery in US housing starts
23rd January 2015 by

We now have full US Census Bureau data for housing starts in 2014, which shows: Starts returned to t...

US economic recovery at risk as energy bubble bursts
15th January 2015 by

The bursting of the US energy bubble is looking more and more like a replay of the sub-prime bubb...

US jobs growth at risk with end of the shale gas advantage
8th January 2015 by

US job markets have been very difficult since the Crisis began in 2008.  In the past, it has typica...

US jobless dominated by Blacks, Hispanics and those without high school diplomas
9th September 2014 by

Financial markets today only care about one thing – whether central banks will continue to pr...

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