China’s subsidy end boosts September’s auto sales
19th October 2011 by

Auto sales in the key global markets of China, USA and Europe present a mixed picture as we look tow...

US, China, EU auto sales stall
28th September 2011 by

Auto sales in the world’s 3 main markets (China, USA, EU), saw much slower growth in the past ...

Auto sales face weaker H2
21st July 2011 by

This week’s special blog series has focused on auto markets, a critical source of chemical dem...

Ethylene derivative imports threaten European markets
19th April 2011 by

The chart above is a flashing amber light for European cracker operators. Based on ICIS Pricing data...

Boom/Gloom index signals rising austerity
4th April 2011 by

Q1 was a very strong quarter for Western companies operating at the upstream end of the chemicals va...

OECD indicators signal slower growth
24th February 2011 by

The OECD’s leading indicators for the global economy suggest that GDP growth is continuing to ...

Europe sees 2-speed performance on auto sales
23rd February 2011 by

The blog is changing its chart for EU auto sales. The aim is to better show seasonal trends, and als...

China’s PE imports slip: Middle East gains market share
31st January 2011 by

China has been the main source of chemical and polymer demand growth over the past 2 years. But newl...

G-20 delivers “platitudes” as Obama hits at China
15th November 2010 by

The blog has a simple measure for the effectiveness of international meetings. It counts the number ...

Asian demand key to global chemical outlook
9th October 2010 by

As promised last week, the blog has undertaken its usual 6 monthly analysis of global chemical produ...

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