Risks rise over China’s auto sales
19th July 2012 by

The world’s 3 major auto markets – USA, Europe and China – currently account for ~...

U is for Uncertainty
23rd May 2012 by

The blog’s series on the emerging ‘VUCA world’ today looks at how companies have t...

EU faces US competition in PVC export markets
26th April 2012 by

The blog continues this week’s special series on chloralkali and PVC markets by looking at EU ...

Shale gas supports US PVC exports
25th April 2012 by

Yesterday the blog discussed caustic soda, and the recent importance of China’s metal demand. ...

US, China, EU auto sales up just 1% in Q1
18th April 2012 by

Autos are the largest single market for chemical and polymer sales. And the USA, China and EU are th...

US PE exports down 39% despite shale gas
3rd April 2012 by

Globalisation had a golden age between 1982-2007. Trade barriers fell almost everywhere. Companies f...

Auto sales have slow start in January
21st February 2012 by

January was not a great month for auto sales in the 3 major markets of the USA, EU and China. These ...

US PE exporters face more competition in Brazil
16th February 2012 by

As promised, the blog looks today at the performance of US polyethylene (PE) exporters in Brazil. It...

Global auto sales growth stalls as BabyBoomers age
24th January 2012 by

Cars are now the largest single market for chemical sales, as housing markets have slowed globally. ...

2012 sees rising political risk, and protectionism
5th January 2012 by

The world enjoyed an economic SuperCycle between 1982-2007. Its largest economy, the USA, suffered j...

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