President Xi tells China’s government to “control asset bubbles”
10th October 2016 by

China’s housing bubble is not just about Shenzhen.  It is the most obvious sign of problems a...

China’s slowdown continues as Xi “takes the pain” of reform
17th August 2016 by

“What a difference a day makes“. Dinah Washington’s famous song could well be appl...

China’s G20 Summit shutdown highlights risks to commodities buying “frenzy”
4th May 2016 by

China’s polyester industry, like many others, is already preparing to shut down ahead of Septe...

Reality battles illusion in world financial markets
4th April 2016 by

“Buy on the rumour, sell on the news” is one of the most reliable definitions for a weak...

China’s cotton auction key pointer for global economy outlook
1st April 2016 by

Cotton markets are poised for another testing month in April.  The outcome will also have potential...

Xi in Paris: all part of China’s New Normal
9th December 2015 by

President Xi’s presence at the Climate Change conference highlights the far-reaching changes s...

Oil price rally disappears along with hopes of more stimulus
21st October 2015 by

Many people in financial markets were hoping a new QE4 stimulus programme would be announced at the...

China focuses on mobile internet for domestic growth
9th October 2015 by

China’s President Xi went to Seattle at the start of his recent US visit, to meet the leading ...

China’s PP production rises 25% as it moves into higher-value export markets
9th September 2015 by

Everyone is now beginning to notice the change in economic policy in China.  And concern is rising ...

China’s economy continues to slow as lending curbs bite
19th May 2015 by

Everyone seems sure that China’s government is about to undertake major new stimulus.  Thus R...

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