Budgeting for the Great Unknown in 2018 – 2020
23rd October 2017 by

“There isn’t anybody who knows what is going to happen in the next 12 months.  We’...

President Xi focuses on pollution, not growth, as key Party Congress nears
18th September 2017 by

Imagine living in the capital city of a major country, and suffering the level of pollution shown in...

Chemical industry data shows reflation remains hope, not reality
31st July 2017 by

Western central bankers are convinced reflation and economic growth are finally underway as a result...

China’s changed priorities signal end to stimulus
8th June 2017 by

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ project and the need to reduce pollution have replace...

Trump, Xi have 100 days to avert US-China trade war
12th April 2017 by

Last week’s summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Ji...

“Everyone wants to be rich”: Divorces soar with land prices as China’s housing bubble enters its final stages
9th November 2016 by

One thing that “everyone knows” in China’s Tier 1 cities is that property prices c...

President Xi takes “core” leader role as China heads for political turbulence
28th October 2016 by

Outside observers often imagine that China’s political structure is uniquely disciplined ̵...

President Xi tells China’s government to “control asset bubbles”
10th October 2016 by

China’s housing bubble is not just about Shenzhen.  It is the most obvious sign of problems a...

China’s slowdown continues as Xi “takes the pain” of reform
17th August 2016 by

“What a difference a day makes“. Dinah Washington’s famous song could well be appl...

China’s G20 Summit shutdown highlights risks to commodities buying “frenzy”
4th May 2016 by

China’s polyester industry, like many others, is already preparing to shut down ahead of Septe...

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