REMIT second reporting phase nears
23rd March 2016 by

With only a couple of weeks left before additional energy trade reporting requirements kick in, trad...

ACER looks to form group on energy derivatives
21st July 2015 by

EU regulators agency ACER is looking for people to form an ad-hoc expert group on energy commodity d...

UK urged to extend max jail term for market abuse to 10 years
11th June 2015 by

The Bank of England has suggested that the max jail term for anyone guilty of market abuse be extend...

Potential Danish REMIT breach referred to public prosecutor
8th May 2015 by

Some interesting information emerged on Thursday, when the Danish regulator said it has asked the D...

FCA fines Merrill Lynch International £13m for failing to report trades
22nd April 2015 by

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has fined Merrill Lynch International for incorrectly rep...

Thirty investigations for potential REMIT breaches open at end of 2014
1st April 2015 by

ACER has launched a quarterly report on REMIT, and one interesting nugget is that 30 cases of potent...

ACER launches updated REMIT Q&A
12th February 2015 by

ACER published a third version of its REMIT Q&A on Wednesday evening. It is an easy-read  guide...

ACER’s need for bodies through the door
3rd December 2014 by

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators – ACER – has not being shy of statin...

Provisional list for REMIT trading venues published
14th November 2014 by

ACER has released the provisional list of organised trading venues for REMIT. Any trades agreed thro...

REMIT webinar coming
5th November 2014 by

I’ll be hosting a webinar on the practical application of REMIT next week. I’ll have Avi...

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