Chemical Series

Enhance and accelerate your industry expertise and stay on top of market impacts and trends with our combination of introductory and advanced virtual courses.

Petrochemicals: An In-Depth Introduction


20-23 April (Asia/EMEA)

24-27 August (Asia/Middle East)

2-5 November (EMEA/Americas)

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An Introduction to Plastics Recycling


7-10 June (Asia/EMEA)

15-19 November (Americas/EMEA)


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Fundamentals of the Polymers Business


20 – 23 July  (Asia/Middle East)


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An Introduction to Polyolefins


4-6 May (Asia/EMEA)

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Surfactants Business Essentials


11-13 May (EMEA/Americas)

12-14 October (EMEA/Americas)

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Advanced Purchasing Skills


28 September-1 October (EMEA/Americas)


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Energy Series

Gain business-critical and in-depth market insights from industry experts to help you navigate the complex energy markets successfully.

Base Oils I & II


Base Oils I

13-15 September (EMEA)

7-9 December (EMEA/Americas)

Base Oils II

20-22 September (EMEA)

13-15 December (EMEA/Americas)

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Global LNG Markets & Pricing


20-22 September (Asia/Middle East)

15-17 November (EMEA/Americas)

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Technical Analysis: A Comprehensive Course


22-24 June (Asia/EMEA)

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