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A World In Crisis: Tackling Basic Needs Is The Solution

By John Richardson ALL SORTS of experts keep telling us that identifying the world’s problems is incredibly complex. But it, is in, fact, incredibly simple – all you have to do is to meet Basic Needs such as coping with ageing populations and providing sufficient water,  electricity, shelter, healthcare and education. Satisfying these needs does, however, require the […]

The West Is Becoming “Cash Poor And Time Rich”

By John Richardson Consumers in the West are moving from being ‘cash rich and time poor” to being “cash poor and time rich”. The reason is that Western fertility rates have below replacement level (2.1 babies/woman) for 45 years since 1970, meaning there are relatively fewer Wealth Creators. Another problem is the pension pot in […]

IMF New Study Highlights Critical Role Of Demographics

By John Richardson IT is fantastic news that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has highlighted ageing populations as a major drag on global growth in its latest World Economic Outlook update. The IMF warns that employment growth will decline in both advanced and emerging economies compared to the rates seen before the global financial crisis. […]

Demographics And “The Internet Of Things”

A DECADE from now, you might wake up in the morning and: Step on scales that quickly shoot data to a service provider that helps you decide how long and hard to exercise on the treadmill that day. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush that sends data to a local dentist. This will give early […]

3D Printing Likely To Change Just About Everything

By John Richardson 3D printing will very probably force manufacturers, including those who make chemicals and polymers, to build entirely new business models. Here is why: The young in Western societies will be poorer because of less aggregate demand as a result of the retirement of the Babyboomers. They will need to save a lot […]

The Trickle-Down Effect….Again

By John Richardson THE classic image of the high-school student flipping Big Macs has become out of date in the US, according to this New York Times article. “Because of lingering unemployment and a relative abundance of fast-food jobs, older workers are increasingly entering the industry ,” adds the NYT. “These days, according to the […]

German Politicians Head In The Wrong Direction

By John Richardson IT took Germany’s politicians five weeks, including a final marathon 17-hour negotiating session, to agree on a “grand coalition”, points out The Economist in this article.  The trouble is that, despite this massive expenditure of hot air the deal to form a government, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel (see left), appears likely […]

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