Asian Chemical Connections

The new China and the rise of the Millennials transform the petrochemicals business model
6th October 2019 by

By John Richardson ANYONE who has anything to do with the petrochemicals industry or anything to do ...

Trump latest tariffs risk global recession, 3.8m tonne lost PE demand
5th August 2019 by

By John Richardson PRESIDENT Trump is playing with fire as a result of his plan to impose 10% import...

US LLDPE imports and the impact on European petrochemicals
26th June 2019 by

  By John Richardson EUROPEAN linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) markets have yet to feel ...

Global polyethylene: Supply is not the problem, it is demand
24th June 2019 by

By John Richardson WHEN people talk about supply it is very often because it is much easier to quant...

China propylene: 6.7m tonne demand hole threatens to swallow-up new projects
4th February 2019 by

By John Richardson CONVENTIONAL opinion is that the global propylene market is moving from a balance...

Polyethylene production via oil and gas: The next horse and cart
21st January 2019 by

By John Richardson IF YOU had conducted a snap survey of horse and cart manufacturers during New Yor...

Europe Polyolefins Must Confront Plastics Rubbish Crisis
4th April 2018 by

By John Richardson THE European polyolefins industry is quite often viewed as an industry with limit...

Digitisation Will Transform Petchems As Plant Reliability Increases
21st March 2018 by

Global volatility in pricing will also be greatly reduced as unexpected outages largely become a thi...

How US Could Be Squeezed Out Of Europe’s Polyethylene Market
24th November 2017 by

By John Richardson EARLIER this year a commonly held view was that globalisation would slip into rev...

European Petchems: Necessity is Again The Mother Of Invention
24th April 2015 by

By John Richardson WHEN has a European cracker gone beyond its useful life? Forty or 50 years? Or ma...

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