Chemicals and the Economy

G7 Summit shows leaders are forgetting the lesson of the 1930s
29th May 2017 by

G7 Summits began in the crisis years of the mid-1970s, bringing Western leaders together to tackle t...

Sunday is ‘moment of truth’ for Eurozone and Greece
9th July 2015 by

“We should not forget the historic nature of what is at stake. “Its about whether a country can ...

German markets stumble as “Sell in May” theme continues
15th June 2015 by

My 4 May post was titled “‘Sell in May and go away?’ as US, German bond yields jum...

Global stock markets still depend on low-cost money for support
12th September 2014 by

The blog’s 6-monthly review of global stock markets highlights the narrow nature of the advanc...

Lanxess CEO departs as auto markets enter the New Normal
6th February 2014 by

The blog, like most people, doesn’t like change.  Change creates uncertainty, and makes us a...

German New Olders have cash to spend, but few companies bother with their needs
26th December 2013 by

Germany is the world’s 4th largest economy ($3.4tn), and so is the next to be studied in the b...

“Disaster is still some way off” for Cyprus, as Germany prepares to vote
5th September 2013 by

Back in April, the blog suggested that capital controls might remain for rather longer in Cyprus tha...

Eurozone politicians have built a Tower of Babel
7th July 2012 by

Last week saw the 20th EU ‘Crisis Summit’. Like the previous 19, it achieved little. Yet...

EU auto sales fall again
30th May 2012 by

April was another bad month for EU auto sales. As the chart shows, based on ACEA data, sales were do...

Eurozone moves closer to crisis
14th July 2011 by

New analysis by Bloomberg supports the blog’s view last month that the arrest of former IMF he...

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