Global PP market divide may rebalance painfully
10th September 2021 by

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I can prove the one here is worth 1,034. How so? B...

Market danger set to lurk in the Gulf
25th August 2021 by

Time to keep a watchful eye on the Gulf of Mexico. Apropos of the approaching peak of the Atlantic h...

Chemical, resin plants may be hurricane-ready, but markets are not
29th June 2021 by

Forecasters of this year’s hurricane season expect above-normal activity, and so far that seems on...

Logistics making inflation worries more than transitory
15th June 2021 by

How bad are things on the logistics front? A COVID-19 outbreak at the Port of Yantian in China is ca...

Fundamentals will matter to plastics markets again, and be careful when they do
18th May 2021 by

Supply tightness in key commodities such as chemicals, polymers, lumber and steel has been a major s...

Can consumers afford the price rises commodities are portending?
9th April 2021 by

Get ready to open your wallets a bit more. Whether you are in the chemical business, the services in...

End result of Biden’s ambitious infrastructure proposal may underwhelm
1st April 2021 by

Reinvestment in infrastructure has finally made it to centre stage of US political discussions, but ...

Immense challenges facing chemical, polymer procurers
12th March 2021 by

Mid-February’s prolonged freeze on the Texas-Louisiana coast has juiced up market commentary as mu...

Great news buried beneath recent vaccine headlines
3rd February 2021 by

With news bubbling up about coronavirus variants, here is a variant message of my own: Look past the...

Three markets to watch amid stimulus efforts
8th January 2021 by

The Democrat Party sweep of the Georgia runoff senatorial elections this week means President-elect ...

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