World Aromatics Conference focuses on key industry challenges
4th November 2017 by

Our 16th World Aromatics and Derivatives conference takes place on Wednesday/Thursday in Amsterdam. ...

Hurricane Harvey will turbocharge move to the circular economy
25th September 2017 by

300,000 homes and half a million cars have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.  And in terms of bus...

Plastics demand is peaking as circular economy arrives
24th July 2017 by

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.  Similarly, coal is being left in the ...

Sinopec’s results confirm China’s focus on employment and self-sufficiency, not profit
1st June 2017 by

China’s strategies for oil, refining and petrochemical production are very different from thos...

China’s increase in chemicals self-sufficiency will hit US shale gas expansions
11th May 2017 by

Some years ago, when China was well on the way to becoming the world’s largest importer of che...

European petrochemical output still below 2004 – 2007 levels
4th May 2017 by

The financial crisis began a decade ago, yet production of the key “building block products...

4.5 million tonnes of new US polyethylene exports on front-line as War of Words hits US-China trade
30th March 2017 by

“There isn’t anybody who knows what is going to happen in the next 12 months. We’ve neve...

Force majeures hit new record high as safety loses out to profits
23rd February 2017 by

Just when you think something really can’t get any worse, it does.  Sadly, that’s the s...

No conspiracy on raw materials pricing – the business model has changed
30th December 2016 by

The Financial Times kindly prints my letter this morning on pricing policies for polyethylene. Sir, ...

Industry needs new strategy to spread benefits of globalisation
25th November 2016 by

The Brexit vote, and Donald Trump’s election, confirm that we are in a New Normal world.  In ...

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