Bernanke says no QE3 planned
9th June 2011 by

The chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, has issued a sober update on the current state...

New Normal course in Frankfurt on 16-17 June
31st May 2011 by

The blog is excited about its first New Normal seminar in Frankfurt, Germany next month. It follows ...

Boom, Gloom and the New Normal published today
23rd May 2011 by

Today, the blog is proud to publish the first Chapter of its new eBook: ‘Boom, Gloom and the N...

Boom, Gloom and the New Normal
15th May 2011 by

The blog is delighted to announce the title of its new eBook, jointly authored with fellow blogger, ...

US crackers feast on ethane feeds
10th May 2011 by

There has been a dramatic shift in cracker feedstocks in the USA over the past 2 years, as crude oil...

The crude oil mania has its own illusion
12th April 2011 by

The blog spent much of 2007/8 warning of the likely impact of high oil prices on chemical demand. It...

New Normal seminar and e-book to be launched
9th April 2011 by

The blog has an incredibly loyal following around the world. 24% of its readers visit twice a week, ...

Speculative volume soars in oil markets
6th April 2011 by

Crude oil has been a speculators’ paradise for the past 9 months. Central banks have been maki...

China’s economy hits the ‘pause’ button
30th March 2011 by

The blog’s recent Asian visit revealed considerable anxiety about the state of demand in China...

Facts of the week
28th March 2011 by

The Financial Times reports two interesting facts: • Japan’s leading seismologist warned Tok...

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