UK election offers voters no middle ground in December
3rd November 2019 by

Pity the poor UK voters as they prepare to vote in probably the most critical election of their live...

D-Day commemorations mark end of a political era
9th June 2019 by

Last week, 95 year-old Harry Read repeated the jump that he and his fellow parachutists had made as ...

Wishful thinking dominates Brexit debate as the UK heads towards No Deal on 31 October
2nd June 2019 by

One of the best things I learned at school was the simple mnemonic: “To ASSUME can make an ASS...

Political and economic risks rise as US mid-term elections near
2nd September 2018 by

This is the Labor Day weekend in the USA – the traditional start of the mid-term election camp...

US PE exports on front line as Trump changes trade policies
15th January 2018 by

It is almost a year since Donald Trump became President.  And whilst he has not followed through on...

Brexit disaster looms as UK government power struggle erupts
9th October 2017 by

UK voters were never very bothered about membership of the European Union (EU) before the Brexit vot...

Global supply chains at risk as trade war threat rises
20th February 2017 by

“May God bless the USA and God bless Boeing” was President Trump’s sign-off in his...

Basic Skills, not protectionism, key to sustaining today’s High Income, Services-based economies
13th February 2017 by

Suddenly, manufacturing and protectionism have become political issues across the Western world.  P...

“Business as usual” the least likely outcome for Europe
9th February 2017 by

Europe is heading in to the Great Unknown, as Monday’s post highlighted.  The UK, The Netherl...

Europe heads into the Great Unknown as UK prepares for Brexit; Dutch and French voters go to the polls
6th February 2017 by

Next month sees the start of a process that could change all our lives.  Whether we live in Europe,...

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