Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

BASF’s second profit warning highlights scale of the downturn now underway
9th December 2018 by

The chemical industry is easily the best leading indicator for the global economy.  And thanks to K...

Budgeting for the end of “Business as Usual”
28th October 2018 by

Companies and investors are starting to finalise their plans for the coming year.  Many are assumin...

Hurricane Harvey will turbocharge move to the circular economy
25th September 2017 by

300,000 homes and half a million cars have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.  And in terms of bus...

Hurricane Harvey: lack of insurance will hit Houston’s recovery
4th September 2017 by

“By Monday, the third straight day of flooding, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey had left muc...

China’s used cars put a dent in global industry
7th August 2017 by

China is now developing a used car market for the first time in its history.  This means the end of...

EU auto sales boosted by self-registration of unsold cars
21st September 2016 by

The global auto market is currently dominated by China, where sales have more than trebled over the ...

Auto sales confirm critical flaws in the BRIC concept
14th September 2016 by

, It is 15 years since Goldman Sachs coined the word BRIC to highlight their argument that growth in...

China’s slowdown continues as Xi “takes the pain” of reform
17th August 2016 by

“What a difference a day makes“. Dinah Washington’s famous song could well be appl...

Auto sales and the oil price: the Great Unwinding continues
20th July 2016 by

Serious questions need to be asked about the likely level of future demand growth for oil and auto s...

Americans drive less as auto market demand patterns change
27th May 2016 by

34m Americans will be driving at least 50 miles this Memorial Day weekend, which marks the start o...

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