China’s slowdown continues as Xi “takes the pain” of reform
17th August 2016 by

“What a difference a day makes“. Dinah Washington’s famous song could well be appl...

Auto sales and the oil price: the Great Unwinding continues
20th July 2016 by

Serious questions need to be asked about the likely level of future demand growth for oil and auto s...

Americans drive less as auto market demand patterns change
27th May 2016 by

34m Americans will be driving at least 50 miles this Memorial Day weekend, which marks the start o...

India’s car market plateaus as motorbike sales dominate
25th May 2016 by

Motorbikes continue to dominate India’s motor vehicle market, as the chart above shows based ...

Brazil’s PE market shifts from import to export as recession bites
22nd April 2016 by

4 years ago, Brazil’s polyethylene market flagged up the first warning signs that its GDP was ...

BRIC auto sales stall as Brazil and Russia recessions worsen
13th April 2016 by

Clouds are gathering over the auto industry, as the impact of the post-2008 stimulus programmes fad...

US auto sales head towards price war as subprime loans rise
23rd March 2016 by

The warnings keep coming about the underlying health of the US auto market.  But, as with the subpr...

Auto sales slump in Japan, Brazil and Russia as China slows
17th February 2016 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to reverberate around the world.  One way of measuring this is...

Renault’s success with Dacia highlights changes underway in European auto markets
29th January 2016 by

You never meet a shy and retiring car salesman.  They are always bursting with confidence, about to...

Global car sales growth stalls without China
20th January 2016 by

Where would the global auto industry be without the Chinese market?  Without China, sales in the ot...

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