Oil markets begin to slide as Great Unwinding resumes
7th July 2015 by

Oil prices have fallen around $5/bbl, since my suggestion last week that a “New oil price fall...

New oil price fall is matter of “when”, not “if”, as inventory builds
30th June 2015 by

Financial players have become convinced in recent months that the oil price will rise.  And so far,...

Impact of China’s New Normal policies on oil, petchem and financial markets – free pH Report webinar next Tuesday
23rd June 2015 by

China was the “saviour “of the global economy after the financial Crisis of 2008.  Its ...

US futures market rally boosts US and OPEC oil output
17th June 2015 by

Whisper it quietly to your friends in the futures markets, who are convinced oil prices will soon su...

Chemical companies highlight increased uncertainty and volatility in Q1 results
14th May 2015 by

Volatility creates uncertainty.  And uncertainty can easily lead to paralysis, if a company hasn...

US housing markets weaken as home ownership levels fade
25th February 2015 by

Data over the past month continues to confirm my fears that the US housing recovery is going into re...

Global shipping index hits all-time low
20th February 2015 by

The world’s major shipping index, the Baltic Dry (BDI), has collapsed by 2/3rds since November...

US auto sales, housing starts, will be hit by oil price collapse
28th January 2015 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  That’s probably why the outlook seems...

Global auto sales reach ‘top of the mountain’ moment
30th October 2014 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  And that seems where we are today in global ...

US dollar rises as investors worry low-cost money may disappear
3rd September 2014 by

Nobody knows how the Great Unwinding of central bank stimulus policies will develop.  The world has...

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