Chemicals and the Economy

Ethane price hikes, China tariffs, hit US PE producers as global market weakens
23rd September 2018 by

Sadly, my July forecast that US-China tariffs could lead to a global polyethylene price war seems to...

US ethylene prices near all-time lows as over-capacity arrives
13th May 2018 by

US ethylene spot prices are tumbling as the major new shale gas expansions come on line, as the char...

Sinopec’s results confirm China’s focus on employment and self-sufficiency, not profit
1st June 2017 by

China’s strategies for oil, refining and petrochemical production are very different from thos...

European petrochemical output still below 2004 – 2007 levels
4th May 2017 by

The financial crisis began a decade ago, yet production of the key “building block products...

China’s PVC exports confirm its move to self-sufficiency
10th August 2016 by

Many commentators were shocked by China’s weak trade data on Monday – with imports falli...

Clouds gather over global polymer markets as China imports drop
1st June 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets.  It would be bad enough that downstream users...

US ethylene output rise warns of market share battles ahead
16th March 2016 by

“The reality is the US from a chemical standpoint is a very mature market. We have some demand gro...

Propylene price collapse highlights New Normal world
9th March 2016 by

Everyone wants to assume that markets will soon be back to “normal”.  Consensus thinkin...

Investors worry US ethylene expansions mimic mining downturn
29th July 2015 by

I spent most of last week in New York and Boston, meeting with major investors.  One key topic on a...

BASF warns on outlook; Dow warns on China, ethylene cycle
27th July 2015 by

BASF and Dow Chemical both warned on the outlook when presenting their H1 results last week: BASF CE...

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