Interest rate and US$ surge mark start of the Great Reckoning
21st November 2016 by

The bond market vigilantes are back.  And they clearly don’t like what they are seeing.  Tha...

US 10-Year interest rates suggest Great Reckoning may be near
19th September 2016 by

 “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes“, Mark Twain Bob Farrell of ...

You’ve seen the Great Unwinding; get ready for the Great Reckoning
31st August 2016 by

Companies and investors now need to prepare for the Great Reckoning, as I describe in my latest post...

US pensioners pay the price for Fed’s monetary policy failure
19th August 2016 by

There was one bit of good news this week.  For the first time since the financial crisis began, a G...

The end of the Economic SuperCycle
30th March 2016 by

A paradigm shift is underway in global petrochemical and polymer markets, as I discuss in a new arti...

Japan goes back into recession as stimulus policies fail, again
18th November 2015 by

This week’s economic data from Japan confirmed, once again, that demographic changes are far m...

Deflation returns to the major economies as stimulus fails, again
19th October 2015 by

Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2016-2018 period.    The aim, a...

1 in 5 of world population will be in New Old 55+ generation
2nd October 2015 by

An amazing development is taking place in the world today.  For the first time in human history, mo...

US incomes have plateaued since 2001 as Boomers turn 55+
25th September 2015 by

More and more people are lining up to support our argument that central bank stimulus programmes are...

Inflation turns to deflation as stimulus debt now has to be repaid
21st August 2015 by

Its not what we know that causes the major problems.  Its what we think we know, but don’t....

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