Fertility rates have collapsed in the world’s 10 largest economies
13th March 2015 by

One of the great myths of our time is that the world’s population is inevitably growing.  Alm...

Oil prices have further to fall as US inventory hits new records
5th March 2015 by

Another week, and another record high for US oil inventories.  Oil prices clearly have some way t...

The great ‘Deflation Shock’ is coming closer
19th January 2015 by

  The world is about to be hit by a demand shock equivalent to 1973’s supply shock.  Yet...

Bond investors embrace the 3 Normals
1st July 2014 by

Sometimes the blog gets lucky with its timing.  That was certainly the case when it spoke to the wo...

“It’s worse than 2007, because then it was a problem of the developed economies”
17th April 2014 by

William White was the only central banker to publicly warn of the risks to the world economy long be...

Japan’s debt now $80k for every man, woman and child
28th March 2014 by

Question:  Why will Starbucks reduce the menu price for its venti green-tea frappucino in Japan n...

Deflation gets closer in Europe, USA and China
10th January 2014 by

Demographics drives demand.  If it doesn’t, then its hard to think what does.  So forecastin...

Deflation far more likely than inflation
20th December 2013 by

The last in the blog’s series on things that we think we know, but may not, looks at the prosp...

“Deflation fears spark shock ECB rate cut”
11th November 2013 by

The mention of deflation in the above front page headline of Friday’s Financial Times will n...

China lending jumps to hit $380bn Q1 target
17th April 2012 by

China’s leaders have a lot to worry about. The purge of Bo Xilai has now been followed by news...

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